About #PAGC19


PatientView has launched #PAGC19 on Twitter and is encouraging patient groups to adopt the hashtag in any of their tweets about Covid-19.

How does it work?

All tweets containing #PAGC19 are automatically picked up and pooled on the website: https://patientview blog.com.

The #PAGC19 tweets are categorised on the website according to disease area—so that patients can quickly find tweets relevant to their own medical condition.

Importantly, the source of every tweets included on the website is easily identifiable (via the Twitter user name that begins with @), so that patients can be sure who is actually providing the information and support.

Patients are having difficulty finding healthcare information on Covid-19 that is both relevant to their needs, and trustworthy. Fortunately, patient groups comprise a powerful and responsible source of tailored support and information for people living with a disease condition.

The website also files patient-group-recommended videos of experts pointing out solutions to the problem of living with a medical condition during the pandemic.

The aim, during this difficult time, is that #PAGC19 and https://patientview blog.com become a hub that allows patients with a medical condition to access information from patient groups on how Covid-19 affects their specific medical needs.

Join in!

Please feel free to help raise awareness of this new, free facility among the patient groups with which you are familiar. Your efforts can help patients with a medical condition find support on how to manage life under Covid-19.